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His name is Twiggle

2013-07-12 01:53:16 by AColecovision

It's been 'mascot's' name is Twiggle. Sounds mischievous enough. The video I was working on got lost before it was completed and I since had just stopped trying to animate everything altogether. I've recently rediscovered my spark and intend on trying to remake "The Not So Silent Night" as well as creating a series of Twiggle Toons (I think I just named the series lol) in the near future. Look forward to updates as they appear. I make no promises as to when any of these things will come to fruition, but reset assured it will happen eventually, and when it does, I hope you enjoy! (All three of you who read this lol!)

His name is Twiggle

Seriously, I've kinda always thought of this guy as my mascot, but I've never come up with a name for him. What should his name be?

What should I name this little guy?

I'm doing it

2011-08-07 04:46:39 by AColecovision

Yup, I am definitely animating my little doodles :D

I'm doing it

Seriously, I think I can make a series of shorts out of these things!

New Idea!!!

2011-07-13 14:09:50 by AColecovision

My friend and I both came up with an idea for an animation revolving around parenting! The whole epiphany took about 5 minutes around 4 in the morning. We are geniuses! Now I just have to animate it........this'll take awhile......

Animation attempt

2011-07-04 03:39:56 by AColecovision

Over the next indefinitely, I will be attempting to work on an animation entitled "Priority Mail". It will be a tale of a letter and it's journey from point A to B by way of "Pony Express" set in modern day USA. Does anyone want to help out and give me an idea of where this letter came from or where it is going?

Animation attempt

New Art?

2011-03-03 00:46:25 by AColecovision

I don't know what my next piece should be. Anyone want to give me an idea? I make no promises, but I'm open to suggestions :)

Sad Face :(


More Art!

2011-02-27 17:31:28 by AColecovision

I have added more of my better pieces here for all to enjoy!

More Art!

Art Submissions.....

2011-02-27 03:00:38 by AColecovision

I'm not entirely sure how to get another artist to vouch for my artwork so it can be viewed on the portal, but it would be greatly appreciated if anyone would do so! I realize I only have a few pieces, but there will be more to come in time!